Repeatition of my session features+ during DUB´s "Drupal-Deployment theme night" @ this years Drupalcamp, drupalcity.de, 2011-09-18, this time in english.

This session was intended as an introduction and a motivation to use Features module for deployment and re-usable patterns.

"A Presentation about Monsters, Features and The Plus" or
  • "How to create modules as a non-programmer"
  • "Features: The first step towards Apps"
  • "Share your Drupal genius the easy way: Features"
  • "YAFS: Yet another Features session"
  • "A VCS called FTP"... [1] [2]
features+ Session #dcb11 Foto: © Sven Culley, sense-design.de
features+ Session #dcb11Foto: © Sven Culley, sense-design.de

/me während meiner Session features+ am 2011-09-18 @ drupalcity.de

Gestern bei der DUB, Themenabend Deployment und nicht physisch anwesend: Eine Skypesession zu Features, Features Erweiterungen, Drupal Installationsprofilen, Drush und dem Plus... Skypesession: features+ Foto: Ronald "rokr" Krentz,